Search Engine Optimization this three words are the most top keyword in present online marketplace. There are so many consultant in oDesk/ Freelancer and other market places. I just astonished to see that a link builder tried to show him/her as a SEO consultant… !!

I want to describe something about SEO. This is not a thing of a week or a month. For some on page optimization it will may 1 month task but i want to tell you that this is a long process. We consultants have to do many things for good eyes @Google/Yahoo/Bing. Two months ago i worked as SEO manager of Skin Tricks. They tried to get rank @Google. They wanted to give me high payment for this things. I just told that, you can give me 10K but Google is believe in its algorithm. I told No one can give you rank in one week and at last they understand me.

I made their sites full on page optimized. I did –

1. Optimize Title tag.

2. Fix Meta keyword.

3. Fix Meta description.

4. Change the URL permalink structure.

5. Optimize Navigation.

6. Create Two sitemap (Main Sitemap and XML)

7. Optimize the article content.

8. Highlight keywords with Anchor text.

9. Optimize the images with ALT TAG.

10. Optimize Heading tags. <h1> / <h2> ..

11. Also optimize Bold/ Italic and important tags.

12. It was in WP. and for that i added a “site terms widget”

13. I used the “All in one SEO Pack” plugin.

14. Create Internal links.

After those task the submit the sitemap @Google webmaster. Yahoo & Bing Webmaster (is now one). I also optimized the robots.txt file. Activate Google Analytics for checking the site errors/ index etc.

They has about 100 articles and I have to work 25hrs for these tasks. After on page optimization i search for forums/ blogs/ community and others website that are related with skin problems and Dermatology. I registered there and made many backlinks.

Then i made linkwheel for skin tricks-

1. blogspot


3. weebly

4. Hubpage

5. Squidoo

6. livejournal

7. tumblr




These are the sites. Its a 11 skup Linkwheel. Its quite well i anyone make 4/5 skup linkwheel. I just made it for more importance.

I make profile @Google plus , Facebook fan page and other social sites. Add widgets on site. Made social bookmarking profile also and bookmark many links.

I optimize the site page speed. I fixed –

Efficient CSS selectors

Minify CSS

Leverage browser caching

Add Expires headers

Make fewer HTTP requests

Compress components with gzip

JavaScript Minify

and also decrease the images resulation. At last,

Website Analysis & Technical Audit, I analyze the:-

• Inbound links on different Search Engines.

• Number of pages Indexed on different Search Engines.

• Current Ranking on different Search Engines.

• Load Speed

• Browser Compatibility

• Hidden Text

• Keywords Density

• HTML Errors

• Broken or Dead links

• Page Rank.

After completing all this task. I tell my client to wait some week and finally we got our desire result. This is Website pagerank is now 2. its was 0 when i started.

Some of its keyword is now top at Google. Present page view is now great. Increase the visitor almost 60%. I have done several jobs like this. I’m happy !!

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