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How to Receive Single Product Payment Via Paypal

If you have only one or two product for that you can use simple paypal buy Now. I will tell you the whole process now in detail. First, go to or from here. give the product name / price etc. second step, put the code at you product page where you want to. Third step, make another page (download page) for download link of your product. When users click on buy now they will make payment and then redirect to that page (download page). that’s it !

Now, two important things you should know, you have place redirection …

A “Retirement Saving Calculator”

Today i am again practice GET , POST methods and develop a simple calculator that calculate retirement benefits. You have to input just your present age, age you retire, annual contribution and the return percentage.

<form action="" method="post">
Your age now : <input type="text" name="currentage" />
The age you plan to retire : <input type="text" name="retireage" />
Annual Contribution : <input type="text" name="contrib" />
Annual return : <input type="text" name="anngain" /> %
<input type="submit" name="submit" value="calculate" />
NEST EGG : <!--?php echo "$total"; ?-->

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