Today i am again practice GET , POST methods and develop a simple calculator that calculate retirement benefits. You have to input just your present age, age you retire, annual contribution and the return percentage.

<form action="" method="post">
Your age now : <input type="text" name="currentage" />
The age you plan to retire : <input type="text" name="retireage" />
Annual Contribution : <input type="text" name="contrib" />
Annual return : <input type="text" name="anngain" /> %
<input type="submit" name="submit" value="calculate" />
NEST EGG : <!--?php echo "$total"; ?-->

Here is a simple form and you have to send and receive data with a simple logical operation.

if(!isset($_POST['submit']) || $_POST['submit'] !='calculate'){
    $years = $_POST['retireage'] - $_POST['currentage'];
    $total= $_POST['contrib'];

So, Not so difficult. But i have one confusion still… LoL

You can test this simple calculator here

You can find this at php Bible / Chapter – 6